Bombtech Golf Brand Review: Decent Quality at a Reasonable Price

Are you curious about the buzz surrounding Bombtech Golf, the underdog brand that’s been turning heads in the golf industry?

What makes this Vermont-based company, founded by the innovative Tyler “Sully” Sullivan, stand out in a market dominated by giants?

Starting with a single broken driver and a vision to revolutionize golf club design, Bombtech has rapidly ascended from a passion project to a major player, selling over 150,000 clubs directly to golfers.

But is the hype justified?

Can Bombtech’s clubs truly compete with the big names in terms of quality, performance, and value?

In this review, we dive deep into the world of Bombtech Golf, examining their unique approach to club design, their direct-to-consumer model, and the real experiences of golfers who’ve swung Bombtech clubs.

Bombtech Company Overview

bombtech golf company overview

Bombtech Golf isn’t just another name in the vast sea of golf equipment manufacturers; it’s a brand with a story that resonates with golfers seeking authenticity and innovation.

Founded by Tyler “Sully” Sullivan, a visionary with a personal vendetta against subpar golf drivers, Bombtech has transformed from a modest garage startup into a significant presence in the golf industry.

What sets Bombtech apart is its commitment to direct engagement with its customers, eschewing traditional retail channels to sell directly to consumers online, a strategy that not only enhances customer relations but also keeps prices competitive without compromising quality.

Bombtech Golf disrupts the traditional golf equipment market with its direct-to-consumer model, focus on innovation, and commitment to building a passionate community of golfers.

The company’s ethos is deeply rooted in collaboration and ingenuity, working closely with the University of Vermont’s engineering department to develop golf clubs that blend cutting-edge technology with practical performance.

As we explore the journey of Bombtech Golf, from its inception to its current status as a beloved brand among golfers, it’s clear that this is a company that values progress, customer satisfaction, and the sheer joy of the game.

Product Range Overview

Bombtech Golf’s product lineup is as diverse as it is innovative, offering a range of clubs designed to meet the needs of various golfers while maintaining a core philosophy of performance, affordability, and unique design.

The crown jewel of their collection is the Grenade driver, renowned for its aerodynamic design and the promise of longer, straighter drives. This driver embodies Bombtech’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of golf technology, featuring a dual cavity design that reduces drag for increased speed and distance.

The company’s irons, known for their forgiving nature and enhanced playability, cater to golfers seeking consistency and control. With a larger sweet spot and a focus on easy launch, these irons are designed to improve your game without breaking the bank.

bombtech driver golf clubs with a purple hue

Bombtech’s wedges, with their deep grooves and versatile design, offer precision and control, allowing golfers to navigate challenging shots with confidence. The emphasis here is on creating a club that combines tour-level performance with features that suit the amateur golfer.

The putters in Bombtech’s lineup are engineered for stability and a smooth stroke, featuring high MOI designs that help maintain accuracy and consistency on the greens.

Additionally, Bombtech occasionally releases limited edition sets, offering golfers the chance to own unique, high-performance clubs that stand out in both design and functionality. These special editions often showcase Bombtech’s innovative approach, combining cutting-edge technology with distinctive aesthetics.

Detailed Product Reviews


two bombtech driver golf clubs

Bombtech’s latest driver, the Grenade, is a masterpiece of golf engineering, boasting a design optimized for aerodynamics and a low center of gravity to enhance your driving game.

The dual cavity design reduces drag, allowing for increased speed and distance off the tee, which makes these drivers some of the best golf clubs for seniors.

Users report that the Grenade rivals high-end drivers in performance but at a fraction of the cost, providing exceptional value.

The driver’s stability and power are often highlighted in user reviews, with many golfers noting significant improvements in both distance and accuracy.

When compared to premium brands, the Grenade holds its own, offering similar or superior performance metrics without the hefty price tag.


The latest set of Bombtech irons is crafted for golfers of all levels, focusing on forgiveness and ease of play.

These irons are designed with a larger sweet spot, reducing the penalty for off-center hits, and are noted for their high launch and consistent ball flight, regardless of how many dimples there are on a golf ball.

Golfers from beginners to mid-handicappers will find these irons boost their confidence and performance on the course.

In comparison with other brands, users often commend Bombtech for the irons’ playability and affordability, suggesting they offer comparable performance to more expensive sets, making them an excellent choice for golfers looking for quality without the cost.


three bombtech wedge golf clubs

Bombtech wedges are lauded for their deep grooves and precision engineering, offering players enhanced spin control and versatility around the greens.

The wedges’ design is tailored to improve performance in a variety of course conditions, making them a solid choice for golfers looking to improve their short game.

When compared to top-tier brands, Bombtech wedges consistently impress with their spin rates and launch angles, often at a price point that is significantly more accessible. That makes them perfect if you want to put backspin on a golf ball.

Users appreciate the balance of affordability and performance, with many noting that these wedges are a game-changer for players seeking to improve scoring without a major investment.


The engineering prowess of Bombtech extends to their putters, which are designed with high MOI for increased stability and consistency.

The putters feature a sleek, CNC-milled design that appeals to the eye while providing a solid, responsive feel on the green.

Golfers who have switched to Bombtech putters often praise the improved accuracy and control, attributing it to the thoughtful design and quality construction.

When stacked against renowned putter brands, Bombtech’s offerings stand out for their performance and value, offering a premium putting experience at a price point that is hard to beat.

Customer Experience

Sully hitting a golf ball with Bombtech golf club

What do online reviews say about Bombtech golf clubs?

Browsing the internet and golfing forums, we found out that some users express skepticism about the company’s marketing claims and the quality of the clubs, particularly noting issues with performance consistency and the veracity of the “made in the USA” claim.

However, others highlight positive aspects, such as the affordability of the clubs and the company’s money-back guarantee.

A few users shared their personal experiences, with one noting that they received a refund after being dissatisfied with the club’s performance, emphasizing the company’s customer service.

Moreover, while some golfers who are new to the game find that the wedges and irons are a good value for the price, especially compared to name brands, other golfers who swing the club faster and are more serious about the game tend to recommend higher quality brands.

Online reviews for Bombtech golf clubs are mixed, with some praising their affordability and customer service, while others question their performance, durability, and marketing claims.

There is also some debate about the durability of Bombtech drivers, with some users reporting that their drivers have broken after only a month of use.

The overall sentiment suggests that while Bombtech offers value, potential buyers should temper their expectations and thoroughly research before purchasing.

If you decide to purchase Bombtech golf clubs, you should also know that Bombtech Golf takes advantage of a direct-to-consumer model, cutting out retail middlemen to offer potentially more competitive pricing.

They back their products with a 60-day guarantee, allowing customers ample time to try out their clubs risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Bombtech golf clubs any good?

Bombtech clubs offer decent value for beginners or those on a budget. However, more experienced golfers might prefer the performance and durability of higher-end brands.

2. How is Bombtech’s customer service?

Bombtech is known for responsive and helpful customer service. They prioritize customer satisfaction, often going above and beyond to resolve issues.

3. What is Bombtech’s return policy?

Bombtech offers a generous 60-day, risk-free trial period for their clubs. This allows customers to thoroughly test the clubs before deciding if they are a good fit.

4. Do Bombtech clubs break easily?

There are mixed reports on Bombtech’s durability. Some users experience breakage, particularly with drivers, while others have no issues.

5. Where can I find honest Bombtech golf reviews?

Look for reviews on platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and independent golf blogs. These sources often provide unbiased and in-depth user experiences.


a set of bombtech golf clubs

In the realm of golf equipment, Bombtech Golf has carved out a niche, offering a range of clubs that cater to golfers looking for affordability without a significant compromise on performance.

Their direct-to-consumer model, innovative design philosophy, and commitment to customer satisfaction are commendable.

While the brand may not suit every golfer, particularly those at advanced levels seeking ultra-premium equipment, it presents a viable option for beginners, casual players, or those on a budget.

Ultimately, Bombtech offers an intriguing alternative in the market, blending value with performance, suitable for golfers keen on maximizing their investment in the sport.

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