Icon Golf Carts Review: Worth the Money in 2024?

In this comprehensive Icon golf carts review, we’ll take a closer look at a brand that has been gaining popularity in the golf community for the past several years.

What sets it apart from the competition is its robust design, innovative features, and attractive prices ranging between $8,000 and $15,000.

Icon golf carts are suitable both for casual and professional golfers, as well as for other folks who are simply looking for a fuss-free way to move around.

What we like the most about these golf carts is the blend of performance, style, and practicality—from rich accessory options to high-speed capabilities.

In the review below, we’ll explore the top features, look at the pros and cons, address common questions and concerns, and help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should buy an Icon golf cart.

About Icon Golf Carts

Green icon golf cart

Icon is a relatively new EV company established in 2017 by Roy Williams and Terry Trekas, who still lead the company.

Icon started as a small operation in Tampa, Florida, but it quickly grew to become one of the largest producers of electric golf carts, utility golf carts, and e-bikes in the United States.

Icon Golf Carts stand out for their modern aesthetics, customizable options, and powerful electric motors, which provide a smooth, efficient ride.

The brand prides itself on offering luxury at an accessible price point, making electric mobility more attainable for golf enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike.

Top Features of Icon Golf Carts

Icon Golf Carts are known for their innovative styling and robust features, catering to the needs of professional golfers as well as golf enthusiasts.

Energy Efficiency: Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Icon Golf Carts is their superior energy efficiency, with many models employing electric powertrains that deliver a smooth ride with zero emissions. This not only substantially reduces the cart’s carbon footprint, it also delivers silent operation, sequestering the tranquility of a serene afternoon on the links.

Durability: Durability is another aspect that sets Icon Golf Carts apart, engineered to traverse the landscape of the most intense golf courses, enduring a host of weather conditions while consistently delivering reliability and longevity. Note the exceptional attention to detail gracing each model, from the rugged frame to the high-quality materials ensuring toughness and performance in every sense of the word.

Comfort: However, comfort is also a priority offering a sumptuous ride with a seating position that’s a veritable study in ergonomic excellence, paired with an expansive legroom and a smooth suspension system that makes harsh terrain feel as smooth and quiet as glass.

Technology: Technology is also a hallmark, with GPS systems, full LED lighting, and a digital display for hearing every last detail with just the right absolute input of volume.

Customization: A considerable amount of customization is also on hand, providing an individual touch unique to every cart, with customers enjoying the luxury of tailoring the vehicles to their precise desires in a kaleidoscope of possible colors and a genuine plethora of accessory choices, with some genuinely adding function and beauty simultaneously.

Icon Golf Carts Pros and Cons

Icon Golf Carts offer a blend of advanced features and some limitations.

Below is a concise overview of their pros and cons:

Energy Efficient: Eco-friendly and quiet.Cost: Generally more expensive than competitors.
Durable Construction: Built for longevity.Battery Life: May need frequent charging.
Comfortable Ride: Ergonomic and smooth.Weight: Heavier, affecting transportability.
Advanced Technology: GPS, LED lighting.Maintenance: Requires specialized upkeep.
Customizable: Wide range of options.Availability: Custom options may increase wait time.

Icon Golf Cart Reviews

yellow icon golf cart

Icon Golf Carts are celebrated for their fluid mix of style, performance, and innovation, serving up a diverse platter of characteristics that cater to a wide swath of needs and preferences.

We take a closer look at their most-loved models – the i20, i40, i60, and i80 – each of which hosts a collection of their own unique features and benefits.


Icon’s i20 model excels in its compact design and nimbleness, making easy work of small pathways and crowded locations.

An ultra-efficient electric powertrain creates an eco and neighbor-friendly ride, while the product offers seating and ample storage, in addition to user-friendly controls, appealing to anyone who values convenience and functionality that comes in a smaller package.


Versatile and brawny, Icon’s i40 model is equally suited for the links or back away utility tasks.

With ample room for up to four passengers thanks to its spacious seating arrangement, getting from tee to green in no time and with complete comfort won’t be an issue thanks to an enhanced suspension system that provides a cushioned ride everywhere.

Built for years of trouble-free, low maintenance use, combined with an energy-efficient nature and advanced safety features make the i40 an easy choice for consumers in search of a midsized golf cart.


The Icon i60 model turns the golf cart concept on its head, with seating for up to six, enabling transport for larger groups or families at once.

And the i60 doesn’t just insist on everyone squeezing in on top of one another – a powerful electric motor and extended range ensure comfort and convenience during longer journeys.

Ample storage, an excellent frame, and upscale seating combine for a golf cart that’ll satisfy anyone who majors in space, comfort, and performance.


The class of the golf cart world, Icon’s i80 model offers room for as many as eight, making it perfect for large estates, resorts, or the biggest of golf courses.

The ultimate in comfort and space, the i80 offers a plethora of options, including many that are reserved for elite automobiles.

Some of these include a top shelf entertainment system, premium upholstery, and literally hundreds of other customizable options that’ll make the i80 a cherished asset for anyone who’s been in search of a roomy, luxurious group transportation solution – golf/cart style!

How Fast Do Icon Golf Carts Go?

Icon Golf Carts are engineered to balance speed with safety and efficiency, aligning with industry standards for electric golf carts.

Typically, an Icon Golf Cart’s speed ranges from 15 to 25 mph, depending on the model and settings.

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The carts come with programmable controllers that allow owners or facilities to set speed limits, catering to specific needs or regulatory requirements.

This feature ensures that while users can enjoy a brisk and responsive driving experience, safety remains a paramount concern, particularly in environments where speed control is crucial for the safety of pedestrians and other vehicles.

Icon Golf Cart Accessories

large icon i60 golf cart

Icon Golf Carts offer a wide array of accessories to enhance functionality, comfort, and style, allowing owners to tailor their carts to their specific needs and preferences.

Among the popular accessories are custom wheels and tires, which not only elevate the cart’s appearance but also improve handling and stability. Of course, the more accessories there are, the higher the cost of golf carts becomes.

For those looking to enhance comfort, there are upgraded seats with premium materials and additional cushioning, as well as enclosures and windshields that provide protection against the elements.

Practical accessories like LED lighting kits improve visibility and safety during evening rides, while rearview mirrors and turn signal kits enhance the cart’s roadworthiness.

For entertainment and convenience, one can add sound systems, USB chargers, and even cooler boxes for refreshments.

Golf-specific enhancements include club covers and sand bottle kits.

These accessories not only boost the utility and enjoyment of Icon Golf Carts but also allow owners to express their personal style and ensure their cart stands out on the course or in the community.

Icon Golf Cart Problems

While Icon Golf Carts are celebrated for their quality and features, like any vehicle, they may encounter issues.

Common problems include battery performance; over time, batteries might lose their ability to hold a charge, impacting the cart’s range and power.

Electrical issues, such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning controllers, can affect the cart’s operation.

Users have also reported challenges with the suspension or steering components, leading to a less smooth ride.

While these issues are not unique to Icon carts, timely maintenance and addressing any concerns promptly can mitigate such problems, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Icon Golf Carts?

Icon Golf Carts are manufactured by ICON Electric Vehicles, a company known for producing a range of electric utility vehicles and golf carts that prioritize innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Are Icon Golf Carts good?

Icon Golf Carts are well-regarded in the industry for their durability, performance, and style. They offer a range of features and customization options that cater to various user preferences, making them a popular choice among golf cart enthusiasts.

Where are Icon Golf Carts manufactured?

Icon Golf Carts are manufactured in the United States, with the company emphasizing American craftsmanship and engineering in their production process to ensure quality and reliability.

Does Icon offer gas-powered golf carts?

Currently, Icon focuses on electric golf carts but also makes several gas-powered models. Their commitment to electric vehicles aligns with a broader industry trend towards sustainability and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Does Toyota make Icon Golf Carts?

Toyota does not manufacture Icon Golf Carts. ICON Electric Vehicles is an independent entity that specializes in electric golf carts and utility vehicles, separate from the automotive giant Toyota.

Final Thoughts About Icon Golf Carts

green i20 icon golf cart

In conclusion, Icon Golf Carts stand out in the electric vehicle market for their innovative design, robust performance, and commitment to sustainability.

With a variety of models to choose from, each offering a range of customization options, Icon caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring there’s a golf cart for every need and preference.

While they are predominantly electric, emphasizing eco-friendliness and efficiency, potential issues such as battery life and maintenance are common and manageable with proper care.

Overall, Icon Golf Carts represent a fusion of style, functionality, and environmental consciousness, making them a commendable choice for those in the market for a reliable and stylish golf cart.

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